24th January 2022

Decorating Tips for a Tuscany-Inspired Kitchen

The Tuscan kitchen design can conjure feelings of warmth and light. Adding Tuscan kitchen décor to a home can bring that warm feeling to the space.

With its rich colors, dark cabinets and natural stone, the Tuscan kitchen is a warm image that can make families and guests want to gather there. Creating this image in the home is simple, whether remodeling the kitchen or simply adding some decorative accents. Try some of these tips to bring the Tuscan kitchen to life.

Tuscan Kitchen Colors

The colours of the Tuscan kitchen should reflect the warm climate and feeling of Tuscany. Choose paint with rich, warm colours like sienna, gold, sepia and colors drawn from nature such as deep greens and reds.

Cabinet colors should be dark; a painted oak will add both texture and depth to the color of the kitchen, for example. Natural, aged cherries and mahogany stains will also bring a warm feeling. Terra cotta and travertine kitchen floor tiles will continue the palette through the floor.

Natural Stone

Kitchens in Tuscany use a great deal of natural stone, with locally mined marbles and limestones bringing the beauty of the region indoors. Using natural stone for the kitchen floor, backsplash and countertops can help recreate this effect. Remember that natural stone can wear, patina, and stain over time if not cared for properly. In Tuscany, this is accepted, and limestone countertops and floors that show the effects of a family and the meals cooked there help add to the warm feeling of the kitchen. If choosing to use limestone in the kitchen, remember that this patina is a natural process. If averse to this happening, try using honed granite in a gold and tan tone like Giallo Ornamentale, to create this effect with less wear. A slate floor, like Desert Gold, can bring the same warmth and texture, while hiding stains and abuse over time.

Remember to seal all natural stone and wash with stone cleaners or mild detergents to help preserve its life and beauty.

The Kitchen Backsplash

Create a focal point behind the stove in the Tuscan kitchen by using mosaics, or handpainted tiles to create a mural. Look for designs of vineyards, fields, rolling hills, food and drink. Surround these murals with natural stone of different shapes, colors and textures along the countertops. Take a rail molding of the same stone and outline the mural behind the stove. Pick up the design from the mural, and recreate on the hood of the stove, in a wood carving.

Tuscan Kitchen Décor Accents

To bring an extra touch of Tuscany to the kitchen, look for large wooden, rough hewn tables, and pottery with lots of gold and yellow undertones. Wrought iron and copper pots and pans hung above the kitchen island or on the walls can bring added detail to the space. Open up a few of the cabinets to display the pottery, or baskets, and give a more open appearance to the entire room.

The Tuscan style kitchen design should conjure up feelings of warmth and comfort for everyone who enters it. Bringing even just a touch of this design to any kitchen will bring new life to the space.