16th September 2021

Debunking Hand Dryer Myths and Misconceptions

The Xlerator hand dryer is one dryer that will surely challenge any lingering false impressions you may harbor about electric hand dryers. You may, for instance, be one of the many people who still believe that automatic hand dryers are suited for use only in the bathrooms of shopping malls, restaurants, and the like. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. The Xlerator hand dryer and many of its competing products represent increasingly excellent alternatives to paper towels and hand towels for both industrial and home bathrooms.

Over the years, a number of pernicious myths about electric dryers have been developed, it seems by the arbitrary, dishonest rumor-mongering of paper towel dispenser manufacturers. These myths are now being shown, in study after study, for exactly what they are – pure conjecture.

The most popular among them is probably the claim that electric hand dryers are wasteful and environmentally unsound when compared to pre-existing and still market-dominant technology of paper towels. While this may have been true of early, primitive electric hand dryers, nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to the newer, lab safe models (such as the Xlerator hand dryer) that have more recently appeared on the market, many of which are incredibly energy efficient. Indeed, a single use of an electric dryer, when compared in terms of watt-usage to the production and disposal of a single paper towel, represents only about a fifth of the energy expenditure – and that without the felling of a single tree.

Another myth that’s prevented many people from installing automatic dryers in their homes is the myth of expense. Many home and business owners think that they’re making the financially wise decision in continuing the use of toilet paper instead of purchasing a relatively expensive electric hand dryer. Statistical analysis has proven that this is not necessarily the case. Recent studies have consistently shown that the use of dryers results in significant savings when compared to the overall cost of producing, using, refilling, and disposing of paper towels. In short, the purchase of an electric dryer can be considered a modern investment that will pay real dividends in the years to come.

Another attractive advantage of the dryer when compared to paper towels is the added utility of the dryer as a fast hair drying solution. While of course rarely put to this purpose in public bathrooms, this is a fantastic advantage of having your own dryer at home. You may even forgo purchasing additional hair dryers for your guests and children and advise them to use the dryer instead. Not only are electric dryers more powerful, they also save people the need to plug and unplug appliances in the dampest room in the house, preventing possible accidents.

Yet another pervasive myth about dryers is the waste of time that people perceive it to be. However, the majority of mod dryers promote high-velocity hand drying. The Xlerator, for instance, boasts an average drying time of 15 seconds.

In sum, electric dryers are neither costly, nor time-consuming, nor ecologically unsound. The Xlerator hand dryer is a prime example of an intelligent investment for every household owner looking to save time, space, and energy in the cleanest, greenest way possible.