24th January 2022

Common Mistakes When Showing a Property

It is easy to fix the little things that put buyers right off property, and here is how to identify them and put them right.

If you’re trying to sell, there are a few things that are guaranteed to put potential buyers right off your home. They’re not hard to fix, so take a little time to identify whether your house suffers from any of these trouble zones and get them sorted before you start to list.


Odours are the first thing that will have your buyers running for the door, and the main culprits are cigarettes and pets. To get rid of these smells, you’ll have to aerate the rooms properly and make them genuinely fresh: Don’t imagine that a spritz of room spray is going to fool anyone.

Overbearing Sellers

The truth is that buyers like to feel comfortable with a house if they think about buying it, which means poking about in storage spaces and taking their time to have a perfect look. Even if you are selling your home yourself, you need to take a step back and give buyers some space to look at your home in their own time.

Intrusive Pets

Don’t let your pets, especially dogs, run free in your yard or home. They will either scare or irritate many buyers, so if possible, leave them with a neighbour for a couple of hours or put them in carrying crates for the viewing duration.

Overflowing Gutters

Buyers want to see that your house has been carefully maintained; the idea of having to do a lot of renovations on a new home will send them running. So make sure your drains and gutters look clear and clean; it’s just one less thing for your buyer to worry about.

Dirty Bathrooms

Put some effort into your bathroom; this is something buyers will look at very closely. Scrub it clean, get rid of any musty smells, buy a new shower curtain, and sort out any damp or mouldy patches. Lastly, make it look inviting with colourful towels and rugs.

Uninviting Exterior

If a buyer doesn’t show up for a pre-arranged viewing, consider the idea that they might have pulled up at the curb, and simply decided not to go in. Make sure your front yard, if you have one, is tidy and attractive, your house number is visible and the gate isn’t hanging off its hinges. It’s also amazing what some colourful flowers can do to entice people in.

Dark or Dim Rooms

Make the most of the light you have in the house, by replacing dim light fixtures, opening the shutters if you have them, installing additional light fixtures, repainting small rooms with light colours, trimming obstructive tree branches, and cleaning windows to bring in more light.

Creepy Crawlies

If you suffer from flies, cockroaches, ants, or any other insects, don’t even think about showing your home before you’ve got rid of them.

Questionable Wallpaper

Wallpaper that’s too busy or simply isn’t modern is a turnoff to buyers because they have to replace it. Ask a trusted friend’s opinion; if it has to go, then it has to go: Remove it and paint in its place. Whatever you do, don’t paint directly over it; this never works.

Damp Basement

If your basement looks or smells damp, your foundations may be leaking. It’s worth getting a surveyor to take a look, as buyers won’t be interested in anything they suspect might be structurally unsound.